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About Us

What makes us.


To inspire positive change and achievement in people and communities through Digital Transformation in India in collaboration with Corporates.
We foster sustainable economic growth with Positive development of basic development need and Education development by connecting Stakeholders of CSR.


Our mission is to inspire and empower all the CSR stakeholders to lead digitally for rapid Transformation of basic Infrastructure Development in India to a powered future.

Our Founders

Mr. Vinay Shindhe is a former IT leader from Cognizant and Wipro. With over 20+ years of experience, Vinay is  pursuing social entrepreneurship and has worked on multiple CSR projects with large corporates for transforming villages and goverment schools. Vinay is a firm believer of ensuring development of the socially deprived society and people through digital technology. He is an Graduaate Engineer from BVB Engineering College  Hubli.

Mr. Vinay Shindhe

Founder and CEO

Mr. Nishant Betgeri is the Co founder of Social Change. With over 12+ years IT Sales and Consulting experience, Nishant is a seasoned professional who was previously part of Microsoft, Ernst & Young.
Nishant is part of the strategic advisory team as well as plays an important role in managing corporate relationships.

Mr. Nishant Betgeri

Co founder

Advisory and Partnerships

Mr Prabhat kumar is a former Executive Director of BHEL as well as CEO of Bajaj Power.
In his current role of Advisory and Partnerships, Mr. Prabhat provides strategic direction as well as leads the relationship role of large public sector enterprises.

 Mr Pravin Patel  is an erstwhile entrepreneur and former senior bussiness development executive. In his current role with Social Change, Mr. Patel is providing strategic direction and advisory as well as managing corporate relationships at the highest levels.

Mr Naheed MN is a senior technology professional with 24+ years of experience. He was previously part of Grant Thornton and Oracle in technology and consulting roles. Naheed leads the government advisory as well as large corporate relationships. He is an engineer from RVCE, Bengaluru.

Mr Srinath Achar is a seasoned business development professional and sales coach. With over 24+ years of experience with firms such as Karvy Analytics, Oracle, Ness, etc Srinath plays a dual role of handholding the relationships and business development of Social Change.

Mr. Chengappa Chottera is the founder and CEO of Enperitos and previously a Vice President at Ciber.
WIth over 17+ years of experience Chengappa leads relationships with both NGOs and Corporates. He is a BE computer Science from University of Mysore.

The Team

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