Who We Are

We are a Social enterprise founded and lead by the senior industry leaders and passionate, innovative young minds committed for social development and transformation of India in collaboration with Corporate and various CSR stakeholders in the development sector.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for pilot 1000 school transformation program is in place between Social Change team and Govt. of Karnataka.

“Social Change” is a technology platform registered under the firm “UV Green Technologies” which is a sister concern of “UV Green PMC”.‘UV Green PMC’ is a project management and consulting firm associated with leading corporates and various NGOs in India to play a pivotal role in an efficient, sustainable and socially responsible manner under the CSR Framework has identified challenges and gaps in the ease of corporate social projects execution.

Business Problem for Corporate CSR

We are here to facilitate…

Digitise the CSR engagements & Stakeholders alignment.

Brand visibility, Social capital investments, Social partnerships, business opportunities, long-term community relationships and most importantly nation building by solving social development issues one step at a time with the advantage of ease of scalability.

Digitize employee engagement activity for societal development.

Capturing engagement hours digitally.

Our Technology solution would be the 1st step towards the journey of making “One Step Difference”.

Our Vision

We see a future where Transformation of lives in Communities’ Change at a rapid pace driven by Technology with Partner Eco System.

Our Mission

To be a Globally respected Social Enterprise known for its Stakeholders & Partners to Enhance & Transform Community lives Through Social Digital Innovation.


Team Work, Ownership, Integrity, Collaboration, Community Centricity, Socio-Cultural Environment and Innovation.



Mr. Vinay Shindhe is a former IT professional and leader with extensive expertise in IT consulting, Business consulting, Delivery management, Program management in the field of Enterprise application and worked for Cognizant and Wipro’s Global clients. With over 20 years of IT sector experience, Vinay is now pursuing social entrepreneurship and has worked on multiple CSR projects with large corporates for transforming villages and government schools. He is instrumental in leading the Company's CSR Portfolio in Coordination with Corporate, NGOs, Community Partners, Villages & Students Community under Environment, Sustainability awareness & Education on Environment & Self sustainable Green School Initiatives. Vinay along with his Co-founders & Partners, took the Initiative to build Digital Social Innovation – “SOCIAL CHANGE” Platform to bring digitization experience in Social Sector to begin with CSR Projects Transformation. Vinay is a firm believer of ensuring development of the socially deprived society and people through digital technology. He is a Graduate Engineer from BVB Engineering College Hubli.

Vinay Shindhe
Founder, CEO

Advisory and Partnerships

Advisory and Partnerships Image

He is a former Executive Director of BHEL as well as CEO of Bajaj Power. In his current role of Advisory and Partnerships, Mr. Prabhat provides strategic direction as well as leads the relationship role of large public sector enterprises.

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He is an erstwhile entrepreneur and former senior bussiness development executive. In his current role with Social Change, Mr. Patel is providing strategic direction and advisory as well as managing corporate relationships at the highest levels.

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 Advisory and Partnerships

He is a seasoned business development professional and sales coach. With over 24+ years of experience with firms such as Karvy Analytics, Oracle, Ness, etc Srinath plays a dual role of handholding the relationships and business development of Social Change.

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Advisory and Partnerships

He is the founder and CEO of Enperitos and previously a Vice President at Ciber. WIth over 17+ years of experience Chengappa leads relationships with both NGOs and Corporates. He is a BE computer Science from University of Mysore.

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  Mr Vidyananda SV
 Advisory and Partnerships

Seasoned Professional with 13+ years of experience. He was previously part of Adroit corporate Services as VP– Sales & Marketing, Previously a Senior Account Manager– BFSI & Govt Relyon Softech. He is a BCA from Karnataka University 2005.

Meet the Team

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! Social Change - Digital CSR Platform to bring about change."

Development Lead, Partner
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"If you think you can, you can! Our thinking resulted in 'Social Change', Join hands to bring the change."

 Programme Manager, CSR
The Team

"All Social change comes from the passion of individuals. ”

 Technical Analyst
The Team

“Be the Change to make a small difference."

 Technical Analyst